#SNMP Design: Backport to C# 2.0/Visual Studio 2005

Steve contributed a lot by back porting the library to C# 2.0. This is out of my original plan. This port was required because Visual Studio 2005 becomes Steve’s primary platform lately. It is interesting to notice that only a few classes modified. Well, luckily I stopped using a lot of C# 3.0 specific features when I realized they will probably prevent such a port in late August.

However, here comes a small problem. Now we need to keep VS2005 and VS2008 project files in sync. Before an automatic way is found, manual sync is a must. In order to reduce the sync effort, during the release cycle we will focus on VS2005 project files and sync changes to VS2008 files whenever a release is coming. From now on please always use VS2005 project files for source code in the repository. Otherwise, you may find some projects broken.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on April 14, 2024