Product Review: WinZip E-Mail Companion

I tried this beta software for a few months and now it is already officially released by WinZip. For me, it resolves an important issue that commonly occurs in corporate world.

Yes, you can imagine that some guys always want you to receive some files bigger than 1M, so your inbox is difficult to be opened in the morning. I dare say if they Zip the stuff up, the issue can be resolved but they are just forgetful.

WinZip E-Mail Companion can do the compression in the last second because it checks attachment size and prompt if the file size exceeds preset a parameter. So, you can simply press an “OK” button, and see a much small zip file is attached with original elephant gone.

$19.95 should be a nice value for US residents while for me, it is still bit of higher. So I keep manually zipping things with 7Zip. But will I show my boss this nice utility? Definitely.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024