Product Review: Silverlight Lights Up What?

Silverlight 1.0 is out. I haven’t heard something on CSDN. Why? In China, new techniques need a long time to adapt because programmers are working hard on their projects. And I am one of them after April.

My best excuse is WAIT until the second version is out. This is correct because Silverlight 1.0 lacks of .NET support which will be added in 1.1.

However, even then I may not touch this piece because I am not familiar with XAML and WPF. Yes, WebForms and Windows Forms have nothing to do with Silverlight.

Someone has created an iTunes clone with Silverlight. But do you like to use a media player in a web browser? Can it minimize to tray or do some other common tasks a Windows client can do?

IMHO, only if one day Windows Forms and WebForms die, I will switch to WPF. I cannot stand the pains most Java developers now feel. Yes, Java has a lot of UI framework without interoperability. And .NET is on the same path today, trying to provide as many frameworks as it can.

I know I cannot learn so much when my time is so limited.

BTW, Novell has officially signed agreement with Microsoft to provide Silverlight on Linux. Remember, that is Moonlight, part of Mono project. Nice to see Mono shines also.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024