Product Review: First Look At PowerShell

Last Friday I needed to write a batch file that executes a command several times. I failed because I never fell in love with the syntax. As a guy who started to use PC in Windows 95 and to program in Delphi 7, I always find command lines hard to use and memorize.

But today, after trying PowerShell, I found it much easier to learn than cmd.exe. And writing a for loop is similar to C# language.

for ($i = 0; $ -lt 5; $i++)

But I still wonder why not create something like C# script?

(Updated: It is wonderful that I can do the old Command Prompt stuffs inside PowerShell 1.0. Thus I give up Command Prompt from now on.

Because there is a Command Prompt feature in CBC, I think I can enhance it on systems with PowerShell installed.)

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Last updated on June 24, 2024