Product Review: Doc-O-Matic Express

NDoc was used to build Code Beautifier Collection references file until it became obsolete. From then on Sandcastle has been a good helper even though it is far from perfect.

I tried Doc-O-Matic a long time ago when it was hard to configure the settings. And yesterday because I read on CodeGear newsgroup that a free Express of DOM is available, I thought I should have another try.

I have to say now DOM is much easier to use. For LeXDK references, all I should do is just choose the .sln file and a few more clicks. Because it is an Express Edition, so at last a Command Prompt must be launched so as to call domexpress.exe to run the DOM project file.

Even though the compilation takes a relatively long time (just like NDoc and Sandcastle), the final result is nearly perfect!

Now Delphi help is powered by DOM too. Wish in Delphi 2008 we can see a better help system.

I am considering moving from Sandcastle to DOM Express as soon as possible. And hope you enjoy the help file then.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024