Product Review: ClearContext IMS

From a C# guru’s blog I read about CC IMS. And soon I installed and tested it today. And the value it provided was attractive.

For most users ClearContext Information Management System Personal is enough, which is an Outlook add in that helps you organize emails. Professional Edition supplies more powerful functions but for me they are not useful.

In a word, IMS Personal colors your Inbox according to a few rules (e.g., sender, Topic, and Thread). Then you can see which mails are important and read them first.

See if you have few mails a day, IMS does not suit you. But if you do have lots of mails, yep, it helps a lot.

I love the color scheme. Rules customization is available in IMS but not very easy to set for me, so I use default settings.

The manual “Version 3.0 User Guide” is greatly organized which provides enough information during the review process.

If you use Outlook and have trouble with your mails, you should give CC IMS a try.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024