Moving Back to BitComet, and Farewell FlashGet

I have to uninstall FlashGet from my Windows Vista, after so many frustrations. It seems the rumors are right that without its original author, a good product like FlashGet can be ruined. First, FlashGet pops up UAC dialogs every time I launch it. Then it refuses to download BitTorrent tasks completely for me. At last, it eats up all my bandwidth.

Thus, after so many months, I resort to BitComet again, and suddenly discover it is now as powerful as FlashGet in almost all aspects. Now it is much more than a BT client. It supports HTTP and FTP downloads, too. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative of FlashGet.

Hope that I can continue using BitComet for more than six months this time. Yes, if it fails me later, I will switch again.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024