MiCTeX: Beyond CTeX

I have been using CTeX for a long time. From the beginning of Code Beautifier Collection, documents have been written in TeX. I never dreamt that I would start to use TeX in a real world project, but I have. And thanks for WP and Huang Ying. They give me the courage to try.

On my Dell 640m, Vista Home Basic is installed and I find that CTeX cannot function as usual. gbksong45 font cannot be found. I switch to MiKTeX, but it cannot handle CJK* well. And at last, I find MiCTeX and everything goes fine.

I have to complaint that MiCTeX is not well treated. I never know it until Googling for a solution.

CTeX is still using MiKTeX 2.4 as the core, which contains many defects. And MiCTeX uses newer version of MiKTeX which should be installed instead of CTeX in most cases.

If you do TeXing like me in China, please switch to MiCTeX if necessary.

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Last updated on June 01, 2024