Jexus Manager: SNI Support in HTTP API Wrapper for C#/.NET

You probably know already that IIS 8 and above start to support SNI, and also know that such information is stored in HTTP API (http.sys related).

But how to access such information in C# code? If you did a search on the Internet about such info, probably you hit nothing as the materials were out of date and only focus on IP based certificate mapping.

Today, I have just finished the initial revision of Jexus Manager with SNI support, so such a wrapper is available that supports both IP based certificate mappings, and SNI based ones,

SNI based mappings can be queried via NativeMethods.QuerySslSniInfo().

The source code is released under MIT license. You might report any issue back to this post.

© Lex Li. All rights reserved. The code included is licensed under CC BY 4.0 unless otherwise noted.

© - Lex Li. All rights reserved.

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Last updated on April 14, 2024