Installation Tips: Eclipse 3.2 on Ubuntu

(CSDN July 21, 2006)

It is not hard to find that Eclipse 3.2 has been available for a long time. However, you can not find a 3.2 deb on China local Ubuntu repository (all that I got is 3.1.2). So, I try another way.

  1. download the gtk2 version of eclipse for Linux.
  2. make sure you install sun-java5-jre and make it default JVM on your Ubuntu. It is not hard, too. has a nice article on this issue.
  3. unzip the tar.gz you download to a folder, for me I choose /home/lextm. It should be a folder eclipse containing all files needed.
  4. make a desktop shortcut. The link should be /home/lextm/eclipse/eclipse.
  5. then run this shortcut and Eclipse 3.2 should be launched. For me, it is quite okay.

What is missing is how to install Java 6. I will solve this issue soon.

Stay tuned.

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