GrapeVine Voice: Undocumented JCF Change

According to Anthony’s notes, 2.34 of JCF introduces the following changes,

  • Compiled in Delphi 2007 using the latest version of JCL and JVCL
  • Generics are now supported: imported and passed all of TridenT’s test cases for new syntax for generics.
  • The settings tree is now built in code rather than in the .dfm. this was apparently causing problems building the programs in Delphi 6 and 7.

I am so familiar with JCF that I can add one more change here,

  • -config switch cannot override registry key for the setting file.

How I found this? CBC relies on this switch to format Delphi source files by calling jcf.exe like this,

So when I got this error,

I knew my overridden trick failed.

Notice that the registry value for JCF setting file is out of date so should not be used by jcf.exe if I override by -config.

-config is not a documented command line parameter in the JCF Help file so I know one day Anthony might change the trick but I don’t know it comes this soon.

I do send a message to Anthony. I will update GrapeVine when I get his reply.

Stay tuned.

(Update on Feb. 7th.:

this issue is resolved in SVN source code right now and the next release of JCF should contain this patch.)

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