GrapeVine Voice: Time for A Major Number Upgrade

I was thinking that a minor upgrade to 6.1 can make Delphi 2009 support complete. A few hours later, now I find I am wrong. The current TODO list is much longer.

  1. Compiled for Delphi 2009 Tools API assembly. (done)
  2. Updated installer script. (done)
  3. Changed version number to 7.0 and pick up a new code to replace gv for InDate.
  4. Updated JCF and JCFStyle.
  5. Updated documents.

So in all, the new release will take a few weeks. Stay tuned.

BTW, it is ironic that CodeGear finally changed the registry key branch name from Borland to CodeGear. If this means those guys wanted to get rid of Borland, they did not finish their job. Those assemblies are still named Borland.*.dll. Thus, after adapting CBC to the first wave of changes, I am afraid that I may have to do it once again soon. Bad ideas, guys :(

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