GrapeVine Voice: Missing Feature

I am a guy who always tries something new. As a result, I want to be notified of every important updates. RSS and Google Reader helps me a lot these days. However, there are still some products fail to provide a RSS source about updates.

In fact, an auto update feature inside the product can make things much easier. Today I find out that even Daemon Tools includes this feature now.

But your customers can sometimes mess things up. Yes, even Delphi 2007 can check updates automatically, some users not yet install Update 1 and 2 according to a recent bug report I received at CBC Homepage.

If you do not install Delphi 2007 Updates, you only miss hundreds of bug fixes. But CBC cannot load in Delphi 2007 RTM, because it requires those Updates.

So, I decide to add a new feature in later version. That is during the installation, CBC will check if critical updates are installed already. I know it is complex for me to do this, and users should do updates themselves. But it seems to be a “must have” feature if CBC want to build up its user base.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024