GrapeVine Voice: Last Issue On Milestone 2

UAC problems are solved today. After digging, some bugs are verified my mistakes, not UAC problems at all. So M2 is nearly finished except InDate (Auto Update feature) still need tests. I wish I could provide a full feature set this time, so I rather keep you all waiting for a few more days.

The homepage of CBC on GForge is down again today, which makes me frustrated. And in order to make future migration to another service provider easily, I have already started to make InDate more flexible. As a matter of facts, it now should work well with Google Code (further test needed). Of course when I start migration one day I will leave a note here.

Stay tuned.

(Updated: All things are done but M2 is still a Preview. I make it complete in M3.)

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Last updated on April 19, 2024