GrapeVine Voice: 6.0 M6, Adapt to RAD Studio

I released M5 as soon as possible to celebrate the availability of CodeGear RAD Studio 2007, so I did not yet finish all tests on RAD Studio. Maybe that’s why M5 has a few annoying bugs including issue 2 on CBC Homepage.


  1. TypingSpeeder feature issue 2 is resolved.
  2. Installer issue (no version number) is resolved.
  3. InDate feature issue (cannot download unstable builds) is resolved.
  4. Borland Developer Studio text is removed from About dialog box.
  5. Missing files in source package are added.
  6. Now, M6 is already available on Homepage, please go and have a try.


If you have M4 or M5 installed, M6 cannot uninstall them correctly. Please manually uninstall them and then install M6.

If you have turned off TypingSpeeder to work around issue 2, you can turn it on in M6.

InDate before M6 cannot download M6 and install it correctly. Please manually download and install M6.

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Last updated on April 14, 2024