Framework Design Guidelines

Although Gendarme and FxCop may help to detect design flaws, they are not perfect. Thus, sometimes resorting to a great book like this is unavoidable.

On Sunday, I received the very first donation to my open source projects from Michael Giagnocavo. He kindly suggested I should buy this book in order to understand more about how to design a framework (public accessible APIs) so I placed an order on on Monday. Pretty fast as usual, that I have a copy at hand now. (Thank you so much, Michael.)

I will post any ideas about how to refine #SNMP once I finish this book and prepare a draft proposal. But do you notice the latest Change Sets? Besides cleaning up FxCop violations, I did have change Manager component heavily to provide meaningful overloads.

The work is just started, so stay tuned.

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Last updated on April 19, 2024