DockPanel Suite Tip #4: Mix Different Versions

It is quite funny that SharpDevelop 3 uses an old version of DPS (version 2.1). This really helps me locate what changes DPS 2.2 introduces, and at last I find out how to merge these two versions to please myself.

In this post I said that the tab background colour is darker and from source code I know why and how to make it lighter. Merge a line of 2.1 source code into 2.2 source code and everything goes fine.

There are other changes, but I feel in most cases 2.2 is better. So I would continue using 2.2.

Now I am hoping that someone can design an Office 2007 style DPS so I can use it with Krypton Toolkit.

(Updated: Now I become a maintainer of DockPanel Suite. The latest DPS can be found at

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Last updated on June 24, 2024