DockPanel Suite: Release 2.6 is Coming (Release Notes)

Dear readers and C# WinForms developers,

If you have been waiting for DockPanel Suite updates for a long time, here is a piece of news that might make you happy. That is, Ryan and I will release DockPanel Suite 2.6 in the coming days at GitHub.

We have reviewed forum threads, existing patches, remaining issues and decided to release 2.6 with the following changes,

  • Fix Bug [1849882]: When click Autohide, form should slide away.
  • Patch 3118287: Fix for unable to move splitter after hide.
  • GitHub work item #1: ActiveContentChanged Doesn’t Fire When Many DockPanels Exist in Application.
  • GitHub work item #2: Heavily Nested Controls Do Not Resize With DockContent.
  • GitHub work item #7: Should Work on Mono/Linux/Mac with Minimal Feature Set.
  • First signed release with NuGet package deployment.

The binaries and source code packages will be published to GitHub Download page,

The NuGet package will be available at the same time.

After that, we will start to plan for 2.7 release.

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on April 14, 2024