DockPanel Suite: Design the Theming Experience

In previous change sets I attempted to add the new ITheme derived themes to DPS, so that we can easily change from one theme to another.

But isn’t it easier to implement the following experience?

  1. Drag a DockPanel control to your main form to start using DPS.
  2. Drag a few theme controls (invisible) to the same form.
  3. In DockPanel control’s property editor, choose a theme to apply.

I just implemented the necessary building blocks in the latest change sets, and here are a few screenshots that reflect the changes.

img-description Figure 1: DockPanel Suite in VS WinForms designer.

img-description Figure 2: Theme property in designer.

To play out, you can check out the source code from gh59 branch,

Stay tuned.

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Last updated on June 24, 2024