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(CSDN Dec 29, 2006)

AStyle AddIn for SharpDevelop, or Alex, has been available for a few weeks. Because I was lazy, I had not tried to build a separate page for it. Since GForge is now not a perfect place to host projects (I hate HTTPS), I decide to try other free service. Luckily I find quite well, although it is supported by Microsoft. As a result, I move Alex there and see whether the service is good enough.

As I wish, it is amazing in certain aspects. First, it is very easy to learn than GForge or Second, I can write a long enough summary in the front page. Third, it looks nice. But there is a sad limitation, no direct link to the file package is available. If you decide to download one package you have to accept the license in your browser. It seems InDate of CBC cannot consume the service, either. However, this CP service is enough for Alex project.

If you like to know more about Alex or, please pay a visit.

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