CatPaw Rumors: A Quick Way to Build Against .NET 4

Starting from 5.0 release, you can build #SNMP thing against .NET 4 simply via command line.

The trick on Windows is like this,

  1. Open a Visual Studio 2010 command prompt and navigate to the folder that contains sharpsnmplib.sln.
  2. Execute

    msbuild sharpsnmplib.sln /p:TargetFrameworkVersion=v4.0

Then all resulting assemblies are linked against .NET 4 version of mscorlib.dll, and so on.

This is much easier than opening all csproj/vbproj files and modifying them. Right?

Of course, this trick applies to our upcoming 6.0 release, HoneyCell.

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Last updated on May 01, 2024