Borland Customer Service In China

My boss bought a Together 2006 for Visual Studio for the team. So my superviser who is a Senior gets the license. The license is bought in USA while we are here in Shanghai installing it so there were a few issues delaying our installation.

First, our IT guy was not familar with the Borland License Server (bolise), so he made a wrong configuration file on the Windows 2000 Server.

Second, when we try to install Together 2006 for Visual Studio, we cannot find the Trial Edition from any more (I tried it once but the installer is no longer on my disc). So we contacted the sale representative in USA who directed us to Customer Support.

Third, the first week of October is Chinese National Holidays (to celebrate China Communism Party defeated Guo Min Dang in 1949), so I cannot contact any Borland China Office employees.

The total effect is that we bought the license in September but until today Together cannot be used. Luckily we are now close to the end. Thanks to the local customer support girl, we find out that we have a wrong configuration file on the server.

When the Senior get back from a meeting, we can try to use the license file at last to see if everything goes right.

In all, I can draw a conclusion that Borland Support is neither too bad nor too good. Sometimes the mistakes are made by the customers (like us).

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Last updated on May 01, 2024