Astyle Addin A Sign That I Cannot Ignore

layout: post title: “AStyle AddIn: A sign that I cannot ignore” description: This post reports the progress of AStyle AddIn for SharpDevelop. tags: Code-Beautifier-Collection Delphi permalink: /astyle-addin-a-sign-that-i-cannot-ignore-9849c4bee02f excerpt_separator: — (CSDN Oct 13, 2006)

When I made that plug-in for SharpDevelop, I was going to please myself only because I maintained CBC code in SD. However, when I released a Beta version on the SD forum, everything happened out of my expectation.

Today, there is a number of nearly 2,000 downloads on GForge home for this SharpDevelop addin. I have to say I am surprised to see it. I never dream of this before. Also, I take this sign so I will soon deliver a complete version to please the users of the Betas.

I have a few problems now but I will surely find some workarounds. Wish I could make things right.

Stay tuned.

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