Another Gear: SourceGear DiffMerge

I have been using WinMerge for a long time and it serves me quite well. And now, after reviewing SourceGear’s Vault, I meet DiffMerge. Wish I can see some differences within.

Talking about SourceGear, yep it is another “Gear” that provides amazing products. For example, Vault, a great SCM tool, is built completely on .NET platform.

I would start to use Vault at office. I’d say I would love it very much then.

(Updated: DiffMerge has a great feature. Yep, when you want to merge two files, it provides you a three file view, so all differences can be merged into a new file. In this way, you do not need to modify any of the original two files during the merge.

However, DiffMerge has a disadvantage that it cannot compare two binary files. For source code comparison, this limitation is not a problem but for most developers who need to handle binary files, DiffMerge cannot supply any help at all.

In this case, I still prefer WinMerge.)

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Last updated on April 19, 2024