Another Firefox? Wait And See

For me the worst thing to live in GMT +8 is that all important event in the west happens in my dreams. Yes, this time Google Chrome, an open source browser built on Apple’s WebKit and Mozilla Firefox elements, will be available in my dreams again.

Up-to-now, this link is still unavailable. It is alive now. So I will try again before I go to bed in the evening. You can read this blog post for the announcement.

Luckily I am not (and will not) a web developer. Think about it! There are already IE7/IE8, Firefox 3, Opera, Safari out there, and one more is coming. Can you test your web application against all of them easily? Horrible, it turns out to be.

(Updated: It seems that Chrome is just perfect. I never expect a Beta stuff can be so stable and neat. Maybe that’s only because it is Google. Oh, in order not to be biased, I have to confess that Microsoft also provides me a lot of great beta bits except some bad CTP bits. OK, it is done.)

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Last updated on April 13, 2024